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What's the Dirty Old Lady up to?
Kind of a blog thing....

What is D.O.L.L.

or... a story and a goofy lady

The Dirty Old Lady's League is a goof, it's for fun.  Yes, we're a real business with a real retail outlet... Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts.  It's to prove that you don't need to be 20-something to have a sense of humor.  Or a libido.  Our products are made individually (except the Penis Pendant which are made in China) with Dirty Old Ladies in mind.  Hope you'll find this fun!

* Write!  dirtoldladysleague@gmail.com

* Visit our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/DOLLDirtyOldLadysLeague

 And remember, no one get's out of this alive...   bwahahahahaha.  *

The Membership Card

Yes, it's not on the site...

I don't put the membership card up on the site because, well, it's special.  I want you to be pleasantly surprised when you receive it.  

FUNNY STORY:  I had to take the pendant photo off the front page, so we could be more PG-13 for places we want to sell.  Meh.

Where to Find D.O.L.L.

We're at Studio 108, 122 Westen Avenue in Lowell, MA most days from 9am to 2pm.

PLUS many of the Western Avenue Studios are open the first Saturday of every month.  And mark your calendar for the first weekend of October when we're all open both Saturday and Sunday.  Plus the First AND Second weekends of December!  Great Holiday Shopping.  Support an artist's community!  

D.O.L.L. will be at the NorthEast Com!c Con December 6 and 7.  Shriner's Auditorium, Wilmington, MA.  Check it out at www.pcs-necc.com .