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Featured Products  (please note:  these prices do NOT include shipping & handling)

The D.O.L.L. Reversible Apron

100% pre-washed cotton this ying and yang of your personality apron gives you a giggle every time you wear it.  And it can be your little secret.  $40.00/USD

The D.O.L.L. Pendant and Card

Believe us when we say, "This pendant has a way of lifting UP your spirits."  <wink> The membership card is laminated.  Be a card carrying Dirty Old Lady.  $15.00/USD

Classic Hawaiian-Style Shirt

Classic style with a hint of naughty.  This is the D.O.L.L. Hawaiian-Style shirt.  (A better photo is coming.)  $45-95/USD

The Girlfriend Shirt

Take the classic styled shirt, cut the fit for a woman to tie at her waist, and add a matching bandana for your hair, and you've got the D.O.L.L. Girlfriend Shirt.  (A photo is coming soon.)  $65.00/USD 

The D.O.L.L. Reversible Bag

100% pre-washed 18"x20" cotton bags with durable over the shoulder length handles.  These bags are fully reversible and washable and FUN!!!  $30.00/USD

The Huggable Hunks Pillow

Designed so you get full advantage of the print on the material... and D.O.L.L. you know you're going to get compliments!  Also, completely washable!  $35.00/USD